As required by international web page design conventions, this page is about our cat, Mooch. Our cat is, of course, much cuter than any animals you may live with.

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"You should never purchase a cat, as this can lead to the mistaken impression that you own the cat.

"No one has ever owned a cat. A cat will consent to stay with you, but only on a day-to-day basis."

Dr. Fritz, Renown cat expert

Mooch's early life

Mooch was apparently born on April 1, 1998. Some three months later, he staggered out of the underbrush in a suburban neighborhood, covered with stickers, dirty, and scrawny.

He was also cute as the dickens, and he managed to stagger into a group of young teenage girls. Needless to say, he landed on his feet.

We happened to be having lunch with the parent of one of these girls. As we were leaving, the girl said, "Um, you wouldn't want a cat, would you?" Seems that the girls had run out of parents willing to put up with a cat and had to do something with him.

Mooch was so cool, he would have made a beatnik jealous. He would just sit in the arms of whoever was holding him, not particularly upset or scared. On the drive home in the car, he would sit on the floor and wash himself. Every once in a while, he'd pop up and look around to see if we were there, yet, and then head back to the floor.

Robert wanted to call him "Prince Valium" or "Thorazine." Laura finally decided on "Mooch," based on the cat in the comic strip Mutts by Patrick McDonnell.

We had him checked out by a vet, spayed, licensed and he decided that maybe it wouldn't be too much trouble for him to stay with us. Just for a while, of course. 


Mooch as plumber

Mooch is also well versed in the mysteries of plumbing, and supervises any plumbing related activity in our household.

98-10a.jpg (27768 bytes)

"Clearly, you have a problem here in your float valve." (Oct 98)

"Cats view humans as simply an elaborate evolutionary adaption to provide them with food and shelter. In the same way that a flower will evolve to attract a certain species of bee, cats believe that all human activity is designed to either feed, amuse, or shelter them.

"They are not far wrong."

Dr. Fritz


Mooch and water

Maybe as a result of his early life, but Mooch has a strange relationship with water (well, strange for a cat, anyway).

98-10b.jpg (25058 bytes)

Mooch insists on fresh water in a clean glass (Oct 98)

98-10c.jpg (17991 bytes)

Although in a pinch, direct from the faucet will do (Oct 98)

98-10f.jpg (19656 bytes)

Mooch thinks it's great that we provide these nice little sleeping hollows for him. He doesn't mind that they're sometimes a little damp. If we turn on the water while he's in the sink, he can't quite figure out how come he's getting wet, but he doesn't budge. (Oct 98)


Master of disguise

Mooch has a chameleon-like ability to blend into his surroundings...

PRINT13.JPG (86029 bytes)

Mooch disguises himself as a CD-ROM (July 98)

98-10d.jpg (41936 bytes)

And as a bush (Oct 98)


Computer Expert

Mooch likes to chase the cursor around on computer screens (he works on both PC's and Mac's). He knows there's a mouse in there somewhere.

And, of course, he often provides criticism about programming styles.

98-10e.jpg (22473 bytes)

"No, no! Right-click to display the Properties dialog!"

Experimental Cat Cam