Judging A Book By Its Cover

The In Town Comic News (formerly Northwest Comic News) is published out of Eugene, Oregon. They have a semi-regular feature called "Judging a Book By Its Cover."

Here's the rules:

"Judging a Book by Its Cover" invites writers to do just that. The book must be current and locally available and the writer of the review cannot have read it. Reading everything else by the author, everything else on the topic, everything else written about the book, the dust jacket and the table of contents is allowed--just no reading the book itself. People who have read the book may be given limited space to reply in subsequent issues."

Following are Robert's submissions to this feature. You can get your very own subscription to In Town Comic News (which also has many funny cartoons) by calling 1-888-NOT-1-800 (1-888-668-1800). They can also be reached at ComicNews@aol.com.

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