What the Voice of the Turtle Said

Back when cyberspace was young, there was a service called "Women's Wire." This was a BBS designed and run by women, with the idea that women would feel more comfortable with their own space.

Laura was active on Women's Wire for a number of years, and even contributed a poem to the Poetry section. In 1996, Georgia Jones published a book called "Women on a Wire" that was a collection of the best of the Poetry section. Laura's poem was one of those chosen.

All the royalties from sales of the book are being donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. For more information about this book, see Ladybug Press.

What the Voice of the Turtle Said

When I think of home, it's the turtle I think of.
A home on her back, no great burden;
A shelter that shields her from whimsical
Gods overhead, against stabs
From below.

Her portable home will expand as she grows,
Not insisting she stay at just this size
Or that so she'll fit within bounds
That are not what she'd choose
On her own.

She can't entertain much by having folks in.
Not much of a problem: her turtle friends
All live in homes of their own
That they bring to the party
To show.

There are holes to step out from for lettuce and mating
And speaking the thoughts that a turtle
Finds worthy to share, such as this,
Murmured low: A fine house
Isn't home.

For as long as you need one; to get one and keep one
Depends on good fortune's agreeing
To grant you the dough. And this,
Whispered so: Your loved ones
aren't home.

For all they may love you, swift time will eventually
Take them away to the shadows.
The memories that warm or chill
Only tell you how much
You're exposed.

This turtle talk's wisdom. Now I am my home.
And when I am asked by those jesters,
"Say, are you a turtle?" reply,
"Ho, you bet your sweet ass
I am, Jo!"

For Lee Stone

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