Laura’s Pictures

Laura's miniature work

Laura likes to built teeny things. Here's some pictures of them--they're all 1/12 scale (one inch = one foot).

Potting Shed 2.JPG (44739 bytes)



Potting Shed Kleenex Dispenser

Japanese Roombox

Nine-room Dollhouse


Pictures of Laura

MVC-494S.JPG (44896 bytes)

The Corporate pumpkin

Laura on her way to Autoharp convention

Laura and the red PT Cruiser [2007]

In back of Saltair, Utah [2007]

At the Kennecott Copper Pit Mine [2007]

Laura and the campsite [2007]

Laura finds herself on a map [2007]

Laura in Moab, UT [2007]


Robert & Laura! [2007]


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