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Below are just some of the projects that Wizard Textware has worked on over the years. See also Online Help and Other projects.


Connectivity/Communications Information Management
Outside View System Administrator's Guide Institutional MarketPlace for Windows User's Guide
User's Guide for network design software Institutional MarketPlace User's Guide and Technical Reference
Mac-Twin User Documentation User's Guide for Medical Record Management System
VLP Porting Guide Construction Management Documentation
SAM 2000 User's Guide Database Management System Manual
Mainframe Datapath Connectivity Unit
IQ COM-LINK User's Guide Music Software
Interface Convertor Hardware MusicPrinter Plus documentation
Programming User's Guides and Reference MusicPrinter User's Manual
Test Now User's Guide
Genicom PCL Reference Manual Hardware
Silicon Compiler Documentation OMAX JetMachining System User's Guide
Silicon Compiler Overview Precision Optical Locator User's Guide
ScenicWriter User's Manuals Remote Keypad User's Guide
Tilt-A-Jet User's Guide
Miscellaneous Pivio User's Guide
IDAGraph User's Guide Oil/Water Separation Device
Image scanning station software Drug Detection User's Guide
  Digitilt DataMate User's Guide
  VS DataMate User's Guide
  Data Logger Documentation

OMAX JetMachining System User's Guide
Client: OMAX Corporation
Time: July 1994 to June 2006
OMAX manufactures an abrasive waterjet machining tool, which is controlled using software running on a standard IBM compatible PC. The User's Guide includes information explaining how abrasive waterjets work, how to use the software to draw and make parts, installation of the OMAX system, a tutorial on using the OMAX system, maintenance of the hardware, and tips for making better parts with the OMAX system. Wizard Textware continued to maintain and update the User's Guide over the years as improvements and changes in the system occurred.
Precision Optical Locator User's Guide
Client: OMAX Corporation
Time: October 2003 to January 2006
The Precision Optical Locator (POL) was a precision camera controlled by software that attached to the machining head of an abrasivejet machining tool. The POL let the operator precisely position the abrasivejet so that additional machining could be done on parts. The Userís Guide covers installation, using the software to control the POL, and regular maintenance procedures. Wizard Textware also provided the illustrations, mostly annotated photographs, in the Userís Guide.
Remote Keypad User's Guide
Client: OMAX Corporation
Time: June 2005
The Remote Keypad was a simple numeric keypad inserted in-line with the computer keyboard that controls the abrasivejet machining tool. The keypad let the operator move the machining head while standing close to for precise positioning. The short Userís Guide covered installation and operation of the keypad.
Tilt-A-Jet User's Guide
Client: OMAX Corporation
Time: Nov 2003 to Jan 2005
The Tilt-A-Jet was an accessory for an abrasivejet machining tool that compensated for taper by precisely changing the angle of the nozzle. The Userís Guide provided step-by-step instructions for installation the Tilt-A-Jet. Although operation was simple, additional information was provided to help the customer understand taper and how the Tilt-A-Jet worked.
Pivio User's Guide
Client: Crossport Systems, Inc.
Time: Dec 2000 to May 2001
Pivio was a combination firewall and router that provided high level security to customers. Wizard Textware provided a Userís Guide, covering installation and operation of the Pivio, including configurations for various operating systems. Crossport also provided several add-on services, such as anti-virus software, available through the Pivio user interface. Wizard Textware also provided all the Help available directly from the Pivio through a standard browser. [Sample PDF]
Test Now User's Guide
Client: Software Testing Laboratories, Inc.
Time: March to June 1995
Test Now was an add-on product to Microsoft Test, designed to automate testing of Windows-based applications. Test Now included both additional routines to perform common tasks, and a framework that provides a systematic approach to testing. Working with the programmers, Wizard Textware researched and wrote the User's Guide, and provided project management to help keep the project on track and on schedule.

Institutional MarketPlace for Windows User's Guide
Client: Nelson Information
Time: November 1994 to March 1995
Institutional MarketPlace for Windows is a database viewing product that gives the user more than 80 megabytes of information about companies in the financial field (such as plan sponsors, investment managers, and investment consultants). The User's Guide includes information on how to construct Queries on the data, how to create custom reports, and how to use the calendar and appointment tracking system.


Outside View System Administrator's Guide
Client: WASSER/Crystal Point, Inc.
Time: Apr 1993 to July 1993
Outside View is a Windows-based communications program that provides support for X.25, TCP/IP, asynchronous and other types of communications over local area networks. The System Administrator's Guide explained each of the different transport protocols, as well as how to use them with Outside View, and useful configuration tips. Wizard Textware worked with the programming staff and reference texts to produce the System Administrator's Guide.

Institutional MarketPlace User's Guide and Technical Reference
Client: Nelson Information
Time: Jan 1992 to Mar 1993
Nelson's Institutional MarketPlace consists of over 60 megabytes of data about investment managers, plan sponsors, and consultants. The application, written in Clipper, allows users to find records, create mailing lists, query the database, produce reports, and manage their contacts. Working with the program and notes from the development manager, Wizard Textware organized and wrote both the user's guide and the technical reference guide.

MusicPrinter Plus documentation
Client: Temporal Acuity Products, Inc.
Time: 1987 to 1993
Edited, researched, and wrote documentation for versions 1.0 through 4.1 of MusicPrinter Plus, a musical notation and performance program that uses standard musical characters for MIDI playback. Also developed method for capturing program output for inclusion in the documentation.

Digitilt DataMate User's Guide
Client: Slope Indicator
Time: Nov 1992 to Feb 1993
Revised the User's Guide for Digitilt DataMate, a combination of hardware and software used to record field measurements by inclinometers. The existing User's Guide had no illustrations and was technically inaccurate in places. Wizard Textware added screen shots and illustrations of the equipment in use, and reviewed the manual for technical accuracy.

VS DataMate User's Guide
Client: Slope Indicator
Time: Apr to Aug 1992
The VS DataMate is a device for recording field measurements of pressure and strain transducers in geotechnical installations. A software product that managed the data for IBM PC's is also included. Wizard Textware developed the outline, talked to both the software and hardware developers for information, and wrote the User's Guide. The User's Guide included a procedural guide for how to use the VS DataMate to obtain data and manage the readings, and a command reference for the hardware and the software.

IDAGraph User's Guide
Client: Slope Indicator
Time: Apr to Aug 1992
IDAGraph is a software program that allows data collected by geotechnical instruments to be plotted and annotated. Wizard Textware developed the outline, researched the product in discussions with the development team, and wrote the User's Guide.

Client: Temporal Acuity Products
Time: Jan to Apr 1992
Rhythmaticity is a program that teaches rhythm using a progressive series of exercises. Wizard Textware researched and wrote the User's Guide by working with the program, and expanding on some notes from the programmers. The audience is made up of end-users not familiar with music or computers.

User's Guide for Medical Record Management System
Client: WASSER/Premier
Time: Nov/Jan 1991
Researched and wrote User's Guide and Supervisor's Guide for a database application for Medical Record Departments. The software manages requests for copies of medical records. The Users Guide was aimed at low-end users. The Supervisor's Guide included installation, management of database information, and use of a desk accessories package.

User's Guide for network design software
Client: WASSER/Bridgeway Corporation
Time: Oct/Nov 1990
Researched and wrote a 120-page User's Guide for software that helps design the layout of computer networks. The software runs under UNIX on SUN workstations, using SUN Net network management software. The manual included many screen shots.

Image scanning station software
Client: ScenicSoft, Inc.
Time: Jul 1989 to Jun 1990
Wrote a User's Guide for and tested menu-driven software to scan images and save them as TIFF files. The User's Guide was oriented to new users. Project is proprietary and limited information can be disclosed.

Mac-Twin User Documentation
Client: WASSER/Emerald Technologies
Time: Nov 1989 to Jan 1990
Wizard Textware worked on portions of the User's Guide for a program that allows a Macintosh computer to connect to an IBM mini or mainframe computer. Once connected, the Macintosh computer acted as a terminal to the IBM computer. Wizard Textware described the basic operation and some of the advanced features.

VLP Porting Guide
Client: Aurora Computer Engineering
Time: May to Sep 1989
The VLP Porting Guide covers the procedures needed to transport a mainframe communication program to any operating system supporting the C programming language. VLP allows any platform to communicate with an IBM mainframe, or another platform running the same software. After interviewing the programmers, Wizard Textware organized and wrote a comprehensive User's Guide.

SAM 2000 User's Guide
Client: IQ Technologies, Inc.
Time: Feb to Apr 1989
The SAM 2000 is a serial protocol analyzer used for debugging serial communications problems. Capabilities included displaying status of all RS-232 communications lines and capturing data to a buffer. Wizard Textware organized and wrote a User's Guide that included information on how to use the SAM 2000 to troubleshoot serial communications problems.

Data Logger Documentation
Client: Hanzon Data Systems, Inc.
Time: Nov 1988 to Mar 1989
The Data Logger can monitor up to 16 analog and four digital channels simultaneously. Each channel can record data at predefined intervals and sound an alarm if high or low limits are exceeded. Wizard Textware organized and wrote a User's Guide that included 180 illustrations of the Data Logger and the front panel.

Mainframe Datapath Connectivity Unit
Client: Intel Corp
Time: Mar to Aug 1988
Intel Corporation in Phoenix, Arizona, manufactures a connectivity control unit that connects mainframe computers to various communication networks. Wizard Textware wrote the Installation, Maintenance, and Technical Reference manuals for the device, including coordination of illustrations.

Genicom PCL Reference Manual
Client: ScenicSoft, Inc.
Time: Jan to Feb 1988
A complete PCL language reference manual was researched and written for a company marketing a laser printer compatible with the Hewlett-Packard LaserJet series of printers.

MusicPrinter User's Manual
Client: Temporal Acuity Products, Inc.
Time: Nov 1987 to Mar 1988
Temporal Acuity Products (TAP) markets MusicPrinter, a high-quality musical notation program for the Apple II. Working with the program, Wizard Textware developed the complete manual, included a tutorial and reference section. TAP consistently reported the lowest number of support calls for any of their products for MusicPrinter.

ScenicWriter User's Manuals
Client: ScenicSoft, Inc.
Time: Jan to Mar 1987
ScenicWriter is a page composition and desktop publishing program. Wizard Textware wrote an introduction and tutorial manual, extensively rewrote one of the reference manuals, and edited the technical reference manual.

IQ COM-LINK User's Guide
Client: IQ Technologies, Inc.
Time: 1987
IQ Com-Link is a software program for file transfer between two computers running MS-DOS. IQ Com-Link also contains a terminal emulation function and can monitor the status of all control lines during communications. Wizard Textware was provided with a copy of the program and some initial notes from the programmer. In addition to learning the program, Wizard Textware provided feedback to the client about improvements and added capabilities of the software.

Interface Convertor Hardware
Client: IQ Technologies, Inc.
Time: 1987
IQ Technologies sells a series of communication interface and protocol convertor boxes. Wizard Textware reorganized and rewrote the manuals. Additional technical information was researched and errors in the existing manuals corrected.

Silicon Compiler Documentation
Client: Seattle Silicon
Time: May 1986-Mar 1987
Seattle Silicon produced Concorde, a software program that helps design Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC) for custom applications. Wizard Textware documented the contact routing and optimization routines for Concorde, and indexed all volumes of the documentation.

Construction Management Documentation
Client: The Johnson Group
Time: Mar to May 1987
The Johnson Group produced database management software to manage job costing and proposal functions for construction management. Wizard Textware organized and wrote User's Guides for each module of the system.

Oil/Water Separation Device
Client: Clean Environment Engineers
Time: Mar to Apr 1986
Clean Environment Engineers markets a device for recovering oil spills from groundwater. Working from the old manual, Wizard Textware reorganized and rewrote the manual, providing new sections on maintenance and troubleshooting.

Silicon Compiler Overview
Client: Seattle Silicon
Time: Apr 1986
Seattle Silicon markets software that automates the design of application-specific integrated circuits. A major textbook publisher requested a chapter describing their product. A draft of the chapter was due in a month. Wizard Textware learned the specifics of Seattle Silicon's product through interviews with engineers and hands-on experience with the software. The draft of the chapter was completed on time.

Database Management System Manual
Client: Northwest Computerworks
Time: 1985
Wizard Textware researched and wrote a complete User's Guide for a database management system. Replacing the software publisher's manual, this manual includes a tutorial section and reference section.

Drug Detection User's Guide
Client: Pharmometrics
Time: Jan to Feb 1985
Designed for the complete computer novice, Wizard Textware produced the Operator's Guide and Technical Reference Manual for a computerized drug detection system.

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