Mid-Life Crisis Trip

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Entry 13: Decisions are made

June 26, 2006 Monday

Laura is down at the local fax shop (we got rid of our fax machine because—hey, it's the 21st century, who faxes anything anymore?) ready to fax a tax return to our potential landlord (who doesn't have an e-mail account).

Seems that he wanted "verifiable income," which caused quite a debate between us. Robert always takes the position that "verifiable income" is what he says he makes. ("And if you don't believe me, you can call me and I'll verify it!")

Laura thinks that it should involve documents and Robert offers to print out some pay stubs for her ("I'll even give you a 'Valuable Employee Bonus'!"). But Laura insists that a copy of a tax return is called for.

Of course, the tax returns are buried in the bowels of storage (next to the Christmas decorations and the grade school Spelling Champion certificates). So, she's up early at the storage unit with her Indiana Jones whip and hat excavating the tax returns.

Robert is lounging back at the office—"Hey, I offered to print up pay stubs!"

As she is getting ready to hand the documents to the fax machine operator at the Print-n-Fax shop, she gets a phone call from our potential landlord. Seems that he ran the credit check on us, and discovered that we could pay the entire year's rent using just one of our credit cards (and still only use about half of the limit), and golly—the place is ours!

Yay! (Whew!) We don't have to go down there again for more apartment-hunting! We have a place to live! Hooray!

Now we get to pack everything up and move again! Oh, Yuck.

June 28, 2006 Wednesday

So, we have a place to live in Salem. Laura has a job in Salem. But what about Robert? Is he to lounge around with his feet in the salmon stream?

Wait! It's the Call of Destiny!


"Hello, this is Destiny Calling, is Robert there?"

Robert gets his job phone call from Mike with the Indian tribes on Wednesday. The Board of Directors for ATNI (Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians) not only approved Robert's hiring, but also hired him a new boss (Dave, whom Robert met last Saturday).

There was a brief discussion of org charts ("Who works for whom?") and Mike and Robert agree that we might not need them for a while...

July 1, 2006 Saturday



Laura VISTA job: check!


Robert VISTA job: check!


Minimum wage: ugh!


Apartment lined up: check!

bullet Pack up everything we own into boxes and shove it into a truck and drive it four hours to an entire other state where we have to get new drivers' licenses and license plates for the car and scooter and even new damn tags for the cats: umm, unchecked... dang.

Looks like there're still one or two million things to take care of before we actually start our year of service.

Robert & Laura
Mid-Life Crisis Trip Log