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Entry 9: Did we get the job?

Friday, June 09, 2006

So, you may be wondering, did we get the job? Weren't we supposed to know by Wednesday? What's the deal?

Well, sports fans, here's the e-mail we got yesterday from Felice:

"I made the difficult decision today to hire another candidate for ESP's AmeriCorp Vista position. The decision was based on a basket of issues and in no way reflects negatively upon the qualifications, passion and commitment that each of you would bring to the work."

That sucks.

Robert of course, is taking this splendidly: "There are 320 songs on iTunes that contain the word 'Loser,' including Born to be a Loser, Nobody Wants a Loser, Nobody Loves a Loser, and I'm a Loser. I plan to listen to the first 30 seconds of each of them, because I can't afford to actually purchase them, what with being a loser and all."

And this is after we realized that one of Laura's grandfathers (and an uncle) are buried in Bend (although we hadn't yet worked out what advantage this would give us in our work—"We know dead people in Bend!").

Felice did say she was forwarding recommendations to other VISTA jobs in Oregon, but basically, we're back to submitting applications to various openings in the Northwest.

Laura is likewise disappointed, but assumes the perfect jobs are still out there waiting for us. Although at this point, we might have to expand our territory to include some of the square states in the middle of the country.


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