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July 9, 2000

Sunday morning, we got up bright and early and headed off to church at St. James Cathedral. This is a very nice church, with some really cool stained glass windows inside.

St. James cathedral in Chicago

Then we started out walking towards the Taste of Chicago and the Field Museum, thinking, "Oh, we'll just stop at one of the thousands of cafes in Chicago for a quick breakfast." Well, there are, indeed, many cafes in Chicago. However, most of them are not open for breakfast on a Sunday morning. We ended up walking from one end of the Magnificent Mile to the other without finding any place to eat (we were too early for Taste of Chicago, which didn't open until 11!). People in Chicago like to sleep in.

The Field Museum

A closer view of the Field Museum

Hey, how did they know we came here to see Sue?

Our first order of business once we hit the museum was a long-delayed breakfast. Fortunately, the museum has its eating area right next to Sue, the T. Rex, so we could graze and gaze.

If we were alive when Sue was, this is definitely the view we'd want--headed in the opposite direction!

Laura enjoys a brioche, which cannot be found in Seattle, but which are a dime a dozen (well, actually $7.20 a dozen) in Chicago. Laura also says they're not really brioche, but rolls made with brioche dough.

Ha ha, puny humans! Prepare to be eaten!

In the background you can see something else at the museum, but the cool stuff is in the front!

We once heard a lecture from a woman who studied Sue and talked about how at one point she (the dinosaur, not the scientist) had broken her leg and it had healed. This would tend to indicate that there was a society of T. Rex's because it couldn't hunt with a busted leg, and it would have starved by the time the leg healed. Anyway, we think this might be where the leg was busted and healed. But then again, maybe not. That lecture was a long time ago.

A prey's view of a T. Rex. (Don't try this at home.)

Robert and Sue. Note the guy to the left who seems to be saying, "What's that nut in the Hawaiian shirt doing?" In fact, he was saying, "Man, they let anyone in here, don't they?"

This is what Sue looks like from the second floor (where they have some pretty cool exhibits explaining about dinosaurs and Sue).

This is the prep lab where the guy is preparing an Edmontosaurus by blowing away all the dirt and stuff.

This was also in the prep lab. We have no idea what it is, but it looks cool.

Even the museum gift store is a little "dino-nutty"

We make up for a late breakfast by having four or five portions at the Taste of Chicago, capping it all off with Krapfen (which is what this is). Basically, it's a German doughnut, but it's fun to say!

Alas, poor Krapfen! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite fried fat, of most excellent texture: he hath gone to my hips a thousand times.

After all this, we staggered back to the hotel room and took a nap. Then we got up and took a train to Geneva (not the one in Switzerland, but the one in Illinois). There we had dinner with Liz and Gary Meade and Bob and Cynthia Espeseth. It was a fun dinner, and very yummy.

They have trains in Chicago that are much easier than walking. And they're fun, too!

Waddell and Reed insinuates itself everywhere...even at the train stations!


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